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Common questions about FileWizz!

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  • What is FileWizz?

    FileWizz is a small PHP web application that allows you to monitor various files from your server, files like your websites for example.
    Once a monitor for certain files on the server is created, FileWizz will check all the files inside the monitor periodically and once something related to those files changes, it will notify you.

  • How it works?

    Filewizz will store meta data related to the files you monitor and it will compare this metadata to see if the files did indeed change.
    If they did, FileWizz will notify you via email with a small overview related to the changes that took place and with proper link to detailed reports.

  • What is a FileWizz Monitor?

    A FileWizz Monitor is simply a path on your server that FileWizz will monitor for changes, say the path to your website files.
    When you define a monitor, you can also include/exclude files from processing and you can select to be notified when certain events occur, for example you can get notified only when files are changed.
    Of course, notifications happens via email and they are totally optional.

  • What is a Monitor Report?

    A Monitor Report is an overview of all the files inside a FileWizz Monitor that either have been changed, deleted or created.
    Each report shows you exactly what files were changed, deleted or created and it also allows you to compare the old file with the new file to see exactly what changed.

  • Why should i use FileWizz?

    Maybe the most important use case for FileWizz is for your website security.
    Usually website owners find out their websites have been compromised weeks or even months after the event, when it is simply too late.
    If this would to happen and you would monitor your files, you will find out as soon as possible, giving you enough time to take proper actions.

  • Do i need to add any cron job to run FileWizz?

    If you want to create monitor reports automatically, then yes, you have to add a few cron jobs.
    You can either use linux cron jobs or web crons, but we highly advise to set linux cron jobs because they are more reliable.
    You can find more instructions related to cron jobs by going into your FileWizz app, then to Settings followed by Cron Jobs.

Unlimited monitors

Monitor as many paths on your server as you need to, FilWizz does not impose any limit!

Custom file manager

We designed a super easy to use file manager so that you can select what files you want to monitor and get all the details you need.

Detailed reports

Each monitor report contains detailed reports so that you know what files changed, how they changed and when they changed.

Exlude files from monitoring

You have the ability to easily exclude files and folders from monitoring. Don't worry about that huge cache folder anymore!

Notifications setup

For each monitor you create you can choose to get notified or not. If you do, you can also select the events that you wish to get notifications for!

Files diff

FileWizz will show you a very detailed diff report between the old version of a file from within a report and it's new version.


Your monitors overview area.

Each monitor has it's own overview area where you can see historical activity of the files within the monitor, a breakdown of the file types from within the monitored path and of course top 10 most large files from the monitor.

For monitors with a small number of files you can create reports manually when you need to, you don't have to wait for them to be generated by the cron job.


Monitor reports help you compare two versions of the same file!

Each monitor report contains a diff tool that will give you the ability to see the a diff between the old version of a file and it's new version!

No mistery anymore

You can see exactly what happened with any file from inside a report, how it changed, when it changed and by whom!


Demo login data

Password: demo.filewizz

Please note that the demo is running in restricted mode, so most features are not enabled!

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